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No matter how we celebrate food and specifically TREATS seem to be center stage. Creating meaningful celebrations require time, planning, good organization and usually cooking and baking. Doing all of those things well is difficult and having a bit of help makes everything and everyone happier. We look forward to assisting you on the baking front should you require a little help with your next celebration!

My Town

Camas Washington is my hometown. I may not have been born here but I have been adopted by this community and have set my roots deeply in the soil. The people, the businesses, the schools and this region are mine and I claim them as such. I live here, work here, raise my family and fall a little more deeply in love with this town I now call home. Since starting my business here in 2008 it has been my sincere pleasure to serve my community and to be a small part of your big and small celebrations. 

-Kimberly Koch-Hawk

owner, baker

Looking Forward

I have always dreamed, like many with tiny homegrown businesses, of having a cute little shop in Downtown Camas. Happily I can say this will be a reality soon enough. I will be making my little retail dream a reality! Look for me at my new home at 

231 N.E. 4th Ave. Camas. (right next to Lily Atelier)

It is going to be a very special place-unlike any other!

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